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Software Updates

At AccessNsite, “next generation” is more than a buzzword. To stay ahead of rapid technological change and increasing cyber threats, we are unrelenting in the evolution and enhancement of our software and hardware products.

Below you can view our most recent updates.

Elevator Integration:

  • Thyssenkrupp Elevator Destination Dispatch
  • Otis Elevator Destination Dispatch

The elevator user interfaces with a kiosk and, when access rights have been validated through AccessNsite, the user is directed to a specific elevator cab. The system is able to group passengers and stops, making it more efficient than traditional elevator systems.

Intercom Integration:

  • Aiphone IX Series IP Video Intercom
  • Full line of 2N IP Intercoms

Within the AccessNsite application, the user can configure intercom hardware, determine intercom status, initiate a call from one intercom device to another, and control the output on an intercom device.

Pelco VideoXpert – The integration with the Pelco VideoXpert video management system supports both VideoXpert Enterprise and VideoXpert Professional and incorporates all the features supported for AccessNsite’s other VMS integrations:

  • pop-up video on alarm
  • video grid
  • video scrubbing
  • camera auto-discovery

Mercury LP Series Controllers – The LP Series controllers (LP2500, LP1502, LP1501) are Mercury’s next generation of intelligent controllers that run embedded Linux. These new controller boards can now be used with AccessNsite.

AccessNsite now integrates with users to interface with Allegion Schlage NDE and LE wireless locksets via Wi-Fi mode.

With AccessNsite’s NDE and LE Wi-Fi integration, users can utilize pre-existing Wi-Fi to communicate with the locksets without needing to use an ENGAGE Gateway device, making installation easier and operation more efficient.

Users also still have the option to use the existing functionality of interfacing via an ENGAGE Gateway, either directly over Ethernet or indirectly via a Mercury controller.

The AccessNsite 7.9.9 update includes:

Web Client Improvements – Customers can now enjoy the same rich features in a browser that are within our desktop client interface. This is an advantage for both mobile and hosted clients.

  • Web Client Video – Surveillance video can now be viewed from within the Web Client. This includes event and pop-up alarm video, grid viewing, and live and recorded video.
  • Web Client Graphic Maps – The Graphic Maps module is now available within the Web Client. This allows users to plot access and video devices onto one or multiple maps. Plotted devices can be controlled directly from the map as well as status and alarm management.

Database Efficiency ImprovementsThis enhancement improves performance and provides significant reduction in database size and memory usage. Modules and dialogs now load faster and search results return more quickly due to smaller object sizes and improved memory efficiency. Database size has been reduced by up to a third requiring less space and time for backups.

Support for Java 8 – This version of AccessNsite ships with Java 8.

Update 7.9.8 includes the following enhancements:

Schlage NDE and Control – AccessNsite now integrates with the new Schlage NDE series wireless lock and Control (BE 467) smart deadbolt. This integration is accomplished using a driver specifically written to interface with the locks using a wireless gateway device that is configured to use a standard Ethernet connection.

Best Wi-Q – AccessNsite now integrates with the new Best Wi-Q series locks.

Support for Assa Abloy DSR 7 – AccessNsite now supports version 7 of the Assa Abloy Door Service Router (DSR). Additionally, a number of new features, such as auto-discovery, are now supported, making AccessNsite fully certified.

Assa Abloy Aperio v3 Integration – AccessNsite now supports Aperio v3 to provide faster unlock times without sacrificing battery life. This integration is accomplished using a version that is available for easy integration with Mercury hardware.

Update 7.9.7 includes the following enhancements:

BEST IDH Max Lock Integration – AccessNsite® now integrates with Best IDH Max locks. This integration brings together a robust Grade 1 lock, Authentic Mercury compatibility, and industry leading software in yet another “best of breed” method for deploying AccessNsite®.

BEST “Shelter” Lockdown Solution – AccessNsite® now integrates with the BEST “Shelter” lockdown solution. Shelter is a set of code-compliant hardware and proven technology that can be custom-tailored for various lockdown response scenarios.

Assa Abloy IN120 (WiFi) and IN220 (PoE) Lock Integration – AccessNsite® now integrates with Assa Abloy’s IN120/220 intelligent locks.

Duplicate Card Numbers AllowedIn modern times it is not uncommon for access control systems to need to handle multiple card populations within one system. Credential technology decisions, company acquisitions, and other factors present a unique challenge. AccessNsite® meets that challenge by providing a new method of accepting multiple card populations where the credential numbers are the same, without significant complication to the user.

Update 7.9.6 includes the following enhancements:

Increased Max Card Formats – The maximum number of card formats that can be defined per controller has been increased from 8 to 16.

Unlock Schedules On Access Points – Define a schedule directly on an access point for changing its mode (Disabled, Unlocked, Locked, Facility Code Only, Card Only, PIN Only, Card & PIN, Card or PIN).

LifeSafety Power Hardware Wizard – For previously purchased LifeSafety Power enclosure kits, now select the kit from within our hardware wizard to automatically build the hardware tree to match the configuration of the kit. This makes commissioning a system faster, with minimal manual data entry.  

Web Client Photo Capture – Photos can now be captured into a personnel record from the Web Client using a webcam.

Web Client Badge Printing – Badges can be printed to a badge printer from the Web Client.

March VMS Integration – A tight integration has been written to the March Networks Video Management Software (VMS). This integration applies to the Command Lite, Command Professional, and Command Enterprise versions.  It allows demand monitoring of video from a hardware tree or map, or continuous viewing from a camera grid and provides for video pop-up on event or alarm with pre- and post-event clips.

Event Streaming – Now with the ability to output event data in real time to other systems, this feature allows event and alarm data to be routed to other software systems, which could include critical items such as alarms, or simple information such as usage data. Powerful filters can reduce the total data possible to only what is needed.  

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