Achieve the Steps to HSPD-12 Compliance


For more than 40 years, we have satisfied the most demanding customers of Federal, State, local agency, contractor, and supporting industry organizations. We deliver HSPD-12 PACS solutions to satisfy simple or complex projects, small, medium or large deployments, systems that are locally hosted or hosted in the cloud running on any OS, any DB, and any VM.

Achieve secure control from low to high assurance on the same system at the same time. Defend against cloned cards by employing PKI CAK/PAK challenge-response during enrollment and during access at the door by using our RSA 1024 or 2048 cryptographic capable readers. Validate PIV and PIV-I credentials (plus all others) online across the Federal Bridge during initial enrollment, during ongoing operation, and as needed on-demand.

Email info@accessnsite.com to learn more about our HSPD-12 Compliance solutions.