Adding Value and ISC West

I’m Byron Whetstone the CEO of American Direct and the last time I shared with you  in our video blog, I had some pretty significant things to say about change and disruption. Today I want to put a little more meat on that series of conversations because we are approaching now, in five weeks, the International Security Conference in Las Vegas.
We, of course, are an exhibitor. We’re very excited about the opportunity but really what we are going to be talking about for the future of American Direct is the technology that we represent in our our access control platform AccessNsite and really it’s about adding value in the design of technology value, in video surveillance value, in
credential and of course value and access control. It’s about a total security solution, but it also encompasses a door opening a mechanical door opening and that is how the total security mix gets designed and implemented and that
includes electronic locking mechanisms that are now becoming more prevalent. I’m proud to say to you we will be sharing a beta version of our mobile credential for your various phone use at ISC. We think that this will continue the change and the disruption that we have long advocated for the channel and we’re so excited to do so. I look forward to seeing you at ISC. Thanks.