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A tight schedule and the fact that the office suite entry door’s keying had to be tied into the office building entry keying caused some challenges. Keying information from the rest of the building had to be obtained so that the office openings could be keyed into the locksets to match the building owners’ key functions. This would allow its manual key override (in case of electrical failure) to operate correctly. The interior keying was on a different system — one that the client managed. Two different key systems in one space is a complex situation that takes significant coordination and organization to set up.


JE Dunn is utilizing AccessNsite software in their building in Austin, Texas, but the software is being housed on JE Dunn’s server in Kansas City, Missouri, at its building headquarters. American Direct and AccessNsite have the ability in the future to quickly and efficiently implement and transition access control at any other JE Dunn buildings around the country and tie those buildings into the same software as was provided in Austin.

AccessNsite’s Vice President Enterprise Systems, Brian Ashley, says, “We gave JE Dunn a seamless single point of deployment and design. This is a true partnership between architect, engineer, general contractor, and CHD/Access Control OEM. This was about getting JE Dunn exactly what they needed and it worked out beautifully.”