DoD and Federal agencies rely on Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) to confirm that an employee, contractor, or visitor is authorized to access a site and its critical assets.

Stay compliant with Department of Homeland Security’s FIPS 201-2. Request the Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) specifications sheet here.

PACS Spec Form

PACS are comprised of four major functions:

  1. Visitor management
  2. Physical access control
  3. Intrusion detection
  4. Video surveillance

American Direct offers customized security solutions and a comprehensive suite of PACS products:

  • Readers
  • Intelligent locks
  • Security panels
  • Rapid deployment servers
  • Hardware kits (power)
  • Elevator integrations
  • Intercom integrations
  • VideoIP Video Management
  • Sensors
  • Keypads
  • Scanners
  • Key cards
  • and more

AccessNsite is a total access control solution that delivers unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and reliability. To include AccessNsite in your Div28 specifications, view or download the spec here.

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